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    Limits of the areas of natural interest defined in Decree 328/1992, which approves the Plan of areas of natural interest (PEIN), and any subsequent modifications that may have occurred. This base includes spaces at a scale of 1:50 000 and, in some cases, 1:5 000. The PEIN establishes a network of spaces representative of the rich landscape and biodiversity of the territory of Catalonia, from high mountains to coastal plains, and from Euro-Siberian forests to semi-desert wastelands or marine spaces. The PEIN is the higher level planning instrument that structures the system of protected areas of Catalonia and integrates this system within the whole territory, as it is a sectorial territorial plan framed within the Territorial Plan of Catalonia (1995). Subsequent to its approval, specific modifications to the rules and limits have been approved by decree, as well as extensions or additions of new spaces.