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    The INSPIRE data set of Land cover contains the classification of land uses of enclosures of Catalonia in accordance with the technical specifications of INSPIRE Land cover. The data set is obtained from the transformation to the INSPIRE model of the data from the Geographic information system for agricultural parcels of Catalonia (SIGPAC) at 1:5000 scale v1.2 of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food.

  • The Cartography of Controlled Fisheries Zones contains the delimitation of the controlled fishing areas, with their identifier and information on the geographical area in which they are located (river, basin, municipality, etc.), the fishing periods and the corresponding rest days, information on the permits applied (type, modality, arts and baits, maximum number, etc.), and the fishermen's society that collaborates in their management. A controlled exclusive fishery zone is the course, stretch of course or the mass of water in which it is limited the fishing to contribute towards developing a model of sustainable exploitation of the fishing resources based mainly on the natural selfregeneration of the populations of species and the regulation of fishing pressure. They can be with dead or without dead.

  • The dataset contains the demarcation of the zones of free fishing without death, with its identifier and information on the geographic scope in which they are (river, river basin, municipality, etc.), the corresponding fishing periods, the arts and baits allowed in each area, and the fishermen's society that collaborates in its management. No-kill open fishing areas is a course, section of course or water mass in which the practice of the fishing has to be done on condition of returning immediately to the waters of origin, of the least harmful possible way, all the captured specimens. Fishing license it's the only requisite.

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    The dataset contains the polygons of known grasslands along the coast of Catalonia. The polygons have associated an attribute that indicates the type of community based on the species of phanerogams present: Posidonia oceanica; Cymodocea nodosa; Zostera noltii; Cymodocea nodosa i Caulerpa prolifera; Cymodocea nodosa, Zonstera noltii i Ruppia cirrhosa.

  • Delimitation of wetlands included in the Inventory of Wetlands of Catalonia.