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  • Second version of the cartography of the habitats of community interest in the Catalan territory based on the extraction of the habitats of community interest present in the Cartography of the Habitats in Catalonia 1: 50.000. From this cartography, the correspondence with the list of Habitats of Community Interest defined by Directive 92/43/CEE of 21 May on the conservation of natural habitats and of fauna and flora has been defined and then the polygons of community interest have been extracted. The geometry is of polygons, each of which can contain up to 10 habitats of community interest. The elements of the legend can correspond to a single habitat or to a set of habitats of community interest. The presence of each habitat in the polygon is expressed by the coverage, as much as 10. Exceptionally in the case that the presence of the habitat has been detected but it is not possible to establish its surface is indicated in the field of the coverage a value of 0.5.

  • Delimitations of the areas of geological interest included in the Inventory of Areas of Geological Interest of Catalonia. The boundaries are not final, they are subject to review, so you need to check for updates to this layer of information.