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Directorate General of Spatial Planning and Urbanism (Department of the Vice-Presidency and Digital Policies and Territory)

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    The synthetic Urban Map of Catalonia is a synthesis map of the general planning, in two dimensions (2D), which allows a continuous reading of the country’s urban planning, above the municipal boundaries. It is a synthetic graphic recast of all those files that correspond to current general planning, which incorporates the resources and associated estimating judgments as well as the corrections of error, approved by the urban planning organizations of the Generalitat and published in the DOGC. The synthetic MUC includes only the current general planning and, therefore, does not recast either the derived planning or the urban director, which can be consulted in the RPUC, or the urban determinations of the partial territorial planning. The synthetic MUC has no legal validity, as the technical means currently used do not guarantee it. It is, therefore, an informative value map, drawn up on the basis of the interpretation of the official general planning documents available in the archives of the Department of the Vice-Presidency and Digital Policies and Territory (DVPD).