Course of action

Main strategic activities driven to develop the IDEC

The main challenge of the current team of the IDEC Support Centre is to deploy an action plan and the appropriate mechanisms for an effective and sustainable management of geographic information, especially regarding official data.

The final objective is to accomplish that this data is reasonably updated, accessible, in accordance to the standards in force, interoperable in the geographic scope of Catalonia, the State and the European Union, and that it has formal, easy and suitable documentation available, which allows the users its utilization and final exploitation.

In order to make it possible, we are working in the following strategic course of action:

  1. Data governance


  • Support to planning and management of official geographic datasets foreseen in the Cartographic Plan of Catalonia (PCC).

  • Establishment and edition of directives and technical guidelines for their implementation, structured distribution through the web and further reutilization.

  • Promote the utilization and exploitation of such datasets, combining them with other existing geographic data sources, e.g. with those derived from the Open Data initiatives.


  2. Support data formalisation


  • Continuous process for the documentation of existing geographic datasets, throughout the production of homogeneous technical specifications, data models and metadata, especially for official datasets.

  • Support the implementation of structured datasets and data bases.


  3. Federation with other SDI initiatives


  • Promotion and facilitation of geographic datasets and services interoperability at national and international level – in Catalonia, Spain and Europe, with the aim to make sharing and reutilization of such data effective.

  • Transformation and implementation of interoperable data and services conformant to the INSPIRE Directive.


  4. Research, evaluation and application of new technologies for the dissemination and reutilization of geographic information.


  • Analysis, implementation and promotion of SDI best practices, mainly those envisaged to improve publication and sharing of spatial data through the web (Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices).