Service charter

Services IDEC offers to public sector bodies and to other geographical information professional sector organizations

Aiming at accomplishing its functions, the IDEC Support Centre offers the SDI stakeholders both, its team’s knowledge and expertise in the scope of Geo-governance, by offering a wide variety of services and technical advice for professionals, academic representatives and the own citizens: 

  • Detection and analysis of user requirements.

  • Use cases documentation.

  • Analysis and implementation of standards related to geographic information (ISO 19100, OGC, INSPIRE).

  • Analysis and implementation of new technologies.

  • Edition of technical guidelines for the interoperability of geospatial data.

  • Design and formalization of data structures and data bases.

  • Data documentation and data modelling.

  • Generation and sustainable management of metadata.

  • Transformation of data between different data models and formats.

  • Publication of standard web services for their final users.

  • Lectures and training sessions among all these subjects.