Implementing technical guidelines

To ensure that Spatial Data Infrastructures in EU Member States fulfill the interoperability of geoinformation at Community and cross-border level, the Directive requires common development standards (ND). These rules, which structure the Directive, are considered to be Commission Regulations and are therefore binding in each of the countries of the Union and are adopted in a number of specific areas (metadata, data specifications, online services, shared data and services, and coordination and monitoring mechanisms). Technical implementation of these rules is done through technical guidelines based on international rules and standards (ISO 19115/19139 and ISO 19119/19139).

  • Metadata: Metadata is the gateway to the infrastructure that will allow you to know the data, services available and their uses.

  • Data specifications: Geographic data should be available in harmonized formats and structures to facilitate use by all.

  • Online services: All data and metadata must be accessible through the Internet, privileged exchange vector.

  • Shared data and services: Trade principles, prices and conditions of use should facilitate access to online data and services.

  • Coordination and monitoring mechanisms: It is necessary to establish coordination structures for both taxpayers and users.