IDEC Support Centre - Functions

Legal framework and Functions of the IDEC Support Centre

IDEC Support Centre


The Law of the Geographic Information (Llei 16/2005), of 27th December 2005, confers the functions of creation, promotion, managing and maintenance of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Catalonia (IDEC) to the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya, nowadays the Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya (ICGC).

Chapter V from Title III of this Law, which regulates the infrastructure, creates the IDEC Support Centre as the basic technical body for the promotion, exploitation and maintenance of the SDI of Catalonia. The IDEC Support Centre corresponds to a Unit within ICGC’s organization chart.

The IDEC Support Centre is the technical basis for the organization, promotion, exploitation and maintenance of the Spatial Data Infrastructure, with the purpose of promoting geographic information and related services, making them more accessible in order to assure their shared and interoperable use.

The Decret 398/2006, of 24th October 2006, approves the Implementing rule which develops the Law, and additionally concretes and describes the functions of the IDEC Support Centre.

Main functions



  • Coordination, promotion and development of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Catalonia (IDEC), representing the common interests from the different stakeholders involved.

  • Implementation and operational maintenance of the technologic components forming part of the IDEC, with the aim of developing and making it useful and accessible to the users.

  • Adaptation, description, promotion and publicizing of the geographic information datasets and services existing in the territory of Catalonia, especially those related to the official datasets collected in the Cartographic Plan of Catalonia (PCC).

  • Making them accessible, interoperable and shareable through the IDEC, in accordance to the legal frameworks and the standards in force, in Catalonia, the State and the European Union.

  • Editing proposals and technical guidelines for the adoption of new technologies in the processes and workflows for the production and dissemination of geographical information, supporting all the stakeholders involved.


These functions are developed by the IDEC Support Centre, in coordination with the Cartographic Coordination Commission of Catalonia (C4), which acts as main coordination body to promote and execute such activities.